05 8 / 2013

New #Moon in #Leo takes place on Tuesday evening. Prior to that, the Moon trines #Uranus in #Aries. The Month ahead may bring many unexpected events. There are no coincidences, so pay attention to synchronicities happening around you. Please feel free to leave comments on my FB page over the next month. We’d love to hear from you.   ~Blessings, CelticSeer

04 2 / 2013

Monday, Moon moves into Sagittarius literally as I post. The stand out aspect for today is transiting Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. So if you are feeling a little dreamy or philosophical, you are right on target. Those in the artsy field will feel inspired and creative. A good day to start new projects or collaborate with others from afar.

Tuesday, the Moon continues to travel through Sagittarius and sextiles the Sun in Aquarius before it goes void-of-course, so continue with the projects in hand and leave starting new one till Wednesday. Mercury changes signs and moves into Pisces, and since it goes retrograde in this sign later this month, be sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s regarding communication of all kinds. ~ Blessings, CelticSeer

20 2 / 2012

Tomorrow we have a new Moon in Pisces at 5:35pm, EST. The last aspect to hit the Moon prior to the new moon conjuncts Neptune. The Sun hit it on Sunday. What a wonderful opportunity to do some meditation, visit an art Museum or gallery, listen to some soothing music. Attend the movies. This is a good month for artists and the like. The Oscars take place this coming Sunday, so we are in for some surprises. Enjoy!