29 12 / 2012

New Year’s Eve, Mercury heads into Capricorn and hits the World axis, so we finally get an answer concerning the fiscal cliff. Looks like they will pull a rabbit of the hat. Mars in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries, there will be some unexpected items that will come back to haunt us later. A rush job with this configuration always has some hidden booby traps; the question is will the cure be worse than the disease? And since this is party time, try and be a little more aware of your surroundings, accidents with unexpected consequences tend to happen with this astrological configuration!  —Namaste, CelticSeer

21 12 / 2012

Yeah, we are still here……Christmas preparations are in full swing. What is significant about the Winter Solstice chart is a YOD: Saturn sextiles Pluto and the both quincunx Jupiter in Gemini opposed by Venus in Sagittarius, which means that we are not out of the financial economic mess and it would be prudent to continue to economise. The placement of these planets in the chart for Washington DC and NYC, implies that there will be a lot of talks and secret negoitations behind closed doors. Since the lunar eclipse that took place at the end of November opposes Venus, we can expect a nail biter regarding the fiscal cliff right up till the end of this year. Christmas will be a very stressful time for some! —-Namaste, CelticSeer

23 2 / 2012

This is an interesting article in Forbes Magazine on how astrology plays a role in today’s financial world.


The article highlights an old application i.e. astrology, in a way in which the financial community has been using for decades but would never openly admit.

Computers have enhanced their role by enabling today’s astrologers to execute intricate calculations in a timely fashion; however, it’s experience in the interpretation that’s key. This is what distinguishes the great astrologers from the amateurs.

Three of the outer planets (Pluto, Uranus & Neptune) have changed signs in the last few years, thus contributing to the rapid unstable changes on both the socio-economic front along with the strange weather patters we’ve all experienced of late around the globe. 

2012 is the dawn of a new era, not the end!