14 11 / 2013

#Venus in #Capricorn squares #Uranus in #Aries. Be open to unique and unexpected encounters.  ~Blessings, CelticSeer

13 11 / 2013

500 posts! Wow that many already! So appropriate with Neptune going direct today. 

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13 11 / 2013

#Neptune in #Pisces goes direct and the #Moon moves into #Aries and conjuncts #Uranus and squares #Venus and #Pluto in #Capricorn. If you seek clarity concerning finances, inspiration may suddenly strike.  ~Blessings, CelticSeer 

12 11 / 2013

The #Sun in #Scorpio and #Moon in #Pisces trines #Jupiter in #Cancer which went retrograde last Thursday. Be open to divine inspiration.  ~Blessings, CelticSeer

01 11 / 2013

So much going on in the heavens today. #Uranus in #Aries squares #Pluto in #Capricorn for the 4th time. #Mercury in #Scorpio sextiles #Mars in #Virgo and #Pluto in #Capricorn. The Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mercury and sextiles Pluto in Capricorn while the Moon moves through Libra. 

Scorpionic energy dominates the ethers today. There is so much going on behind the scenes that we will never know about and yet, it doesn’t end there. We have a solar eclipse at 11Scorpio16 early Sunday morning and the Sun sextiles Mars in Virgo. The day ends on a high note with Moon in Scorpio trining Jupiter in Cancer.

So much activity all at once with Mercury putting on the brakes can make moving forward a very frustrating experience. So best to plan, review and plan again before taking action. Use this time to check for flaws in your plans. The only consolation I can offer is that Mercury will move forward next weekend.   Have a wonderful weekend. Try not to eat all that candy from Halloween…lol! What can I say - never a dull moment.  ~Blessings, CelticSeer

30 10 / 2013

Thursday, Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. Stick to the plan and surprise yourself. Have a happy and fun filled Halloween…..Boo! Blessings, CelticSeer

29 10 / 2013

Tuesday, #Mercury retrograde conjuncts #Saturn in #Scorpio, remember when this conjunctions took place earlier on Oct 8th, issues from that time period come back for review. The #Moon is traveling through #Virgo, and Mercury rules this sign, and Saturn implies long-term impact, so be mindful of your decisions.  ~Blessings, CelticSeer

28 10 / 2013

Monday, #Moon is void-of-course in #Leo, so watch the ego and stick with the tried and tested methods. Wait till tomorrow to do more detailed work.   ~Blessings, CelticSeer